About Us

About Al Nukhba OFS

Al Nukhba OFS, an ISO 9001/14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company, was established in Basrah, Iraq along with a representative office in Dubai, UAE and we are proudly dealing with the local customer needs since its establishment in 2005 in the field of civil and related construction works. In the early year of 2003, Al-Nukhba founder and sons were in the business activities working with others companies and limited its services to Basra region only and confined to construction of major residential and commercial building projects. Later on its construction projects were expanded to different provinces.

Al Nukhba OFS started its business as an investor in Basra area in the Specialized Fields and expanded business areas in Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants and Pre-Drilling OFS, Logistics & Custom Clearance and other OFS. Al Nukhba OFS’ knowledge in Iraq is imperatively effective, and has the understanding of the business scope of both public and private organizations whose combined effort are required to resolve and assist with any challenges for the mutual prosperity. With the professional, experienced and devoted workforce, possession of construction equipment and a progressive management, Al Nukhba OFS is moving towards a better future.

Why Choose Us ?

Today in Iraq, were experiencing a great magnitude of Electricity and Plants Projects. Many independent private and public companies are offering their services for their personal gain with no return on service, not understanding their role to ease the process and service of welcoming new & current Electricity and Plants companies. This region is in needs of logistical re-structuring a turning leaf of OFS efficiency that will have the Electricity and Plants industry process simplified, organized, economical and time efficient. Al Nukhba-OFS understands that the current Iraqi market have reached a turning point and IOC are searching for a path that would provide better efficient result and economic benefits strength in this region.

Al Nukhba-OFS focus and concern to achieve success by committing to the highest customer service, efficiency, ethical and moral.

Al Nukhba-OFS strives to build a strong rewarding relationship with its clients, partners, suppliers and employees.

To become a dominate and leading organization, providing services to the Energy market.

To obtain the international recognition in Energy industry.

Our ISO Certificates