Current & Upcoming Projects

Current Project

# Project Name
1 prime south (Deir AL Aamar combined cycle power plant consisting of 2 gas turbines upgraded by Siemens and one Ansaldo steam turbine) (Zahrani power plant consisting of 1 steam turbine 150 MW & 2 gas turbines 320 MW)
2 Business Solutions Operations Centre (BSOC) Catering Services in Basra Operations Command Shatt al-Arab Hotel, Basra Iraq
3 Al Waha Petroleum Logistics Services for Transportation & Customs Clearance of Demobilized Two Sets of Drilling Rigs Project
4 KOGASAkkasB.V. Transportation Services
5 Geodis Wilson China Ltd. Transportation Services
6 UCD Offshore Transportation Services
7 ENI/Taaz Surveillance for Well Sites

Upcoming Project

# Project Name
1 Speco & Primesouth - To build new power plant more than 1,000 MW
2 Well Testing services
3 Constructing New camp for one of themajor security companies inBasra.
4 Logistics Warehousing NorthRumaila.